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After toil and tears, revision and testing, and loads of helpline phone calls, the new website is now LIVE!!

It has taken a while to get to this point, with revision A, B C, D and even more. Adding to that the shelving of the entire site to completely overhaul the ideas and designs.

When designing a website, there’s far too many choices, colours, shades and word for any male to contend with.  So it always great to have female input into things like this and I’m so grateful for the help of my wife. She’s far better at writing things than I am.

So why have we done this?

We are in a world of communication and the ease of communication is paramount. Now if ever we are looking for something, over 95% of us will ‘Google’ it or consult the power that is the Internet. Gone are the days that we would sit a trawl through the Yellow Pages or Thompson Local to find out who we need to contact or for the all important phone number.

So now we’re on the World Wide Web, hopefully enabling people to access us and our church to hear about the wonderful Saviour we have.

The message of Hope that we have is a Life Changing Message that is there for us all, regardless to status, job, background or ethnicity, what car we drive or how many bedrooms and bathrooms our house has makes no difference. Jesus died for Us all. To save us from our Sin. Yes, its hard to hear. We are all Sinners, we all have it in us. We are born with it, born into Sin. It’s in our hearts, the heart of the problem, is the problem of our heart.

We need to get things right with God. We need to understand that God sent his Son, Jesus to die a death for us. To die on the cross of Calvary, to bridge the gap between us and Him. Only Jesus, the perfect spotless man, could be given to save us.  There is no other way.

So believe that Christ died for you, ask God to take control, to cleanse you from your Sin and prepare a place for you in Heaven.

Its simple,

God clean me up and count me in

Its all go for the website



Welcome to our new South Featherstone Gospel Hall website


Nick Cox

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